The NHB-series is a submersible channel impeller pump designed for handling raw sewage, wastewater and heavy-duty industrial applications, where the pump is subject to complete submersion and requires maximum reliability. A shrouded channel impeller practically prevents internal clogging and enables the pump to efficiently transfer sewage and wastewater containing solid matters. It is available as an extended line-up from 100 to 300mm discharge bores, 5.5 to 75kW.

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Tsurumi Single Phase Residual Water Drainage - LSC Series

IDR 6,667,100.00

Tsurumi Semi Open Impeller Pump SF Series

IDR 11,693,000.00

Tsurumi Channel Impeller - NHB Series

IDR 37,128,300.00

Tsurumi Vortex Impeller - PU Series

IDR 8,410,600.00