Submersible cast-iron drainage pumps ideal for high-head pumping plus defoaming at sewage treatment plants.

The SF Series are cast iron, effluent pumps powered by a 2 pole motor with a semi-open impeller. These efficient pumps are designed for high-headpumping and de-foaming at wastewater treatment plants. For pumping screened effluent or as a de-foaming spray pump.

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Tsurumi Vortex Impeller - PU Series

IDR 8,410,600.00

Tsurumi Jet Injector FSP Series

IDR 41,435,900.00

Tsurumi Channel Impeller Pump B Series

IDR 14,136,100.00

Tsurumi High Power Sand Pump - GPN Series

IDR 73,077,400.00